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  • Sexual content and graphic violence will not be tolerated.

    The advertising of other servers or other roleplaying rooms on other servers is not allowed. Our only official separate roleplaying room is AmphyRP (located by using /join AmphyRP). Please do not give out the link to this server in chat despite us giving the link here, as it will attract trolls to it.

    Some formatting is acceptable, however blatant abuse is not tolerated. It’s up to the moderator’s discretion what is and isn’t allowed.

    When Roleplaying, use English. No “hooting” or using the name of the Pokémon as the only thing you say.

    Only users who have attained the rank of driver (%) and above can give users permission to make polls, or make one themselves without permission. Furthermore, a poll to end a Roleplay must have 55% of users wanting the RP to end.

    Don't post random links in the chat without permission from staff. Custom RP links are fine when they are being voted upon in a poll.

    All polls must have CLEAR, UNBIASED options. Polls with unclear, misleading, biased, or ‘joke’ options can be forced to restart at any point by RP Staff.

    While a Roleplay is in progress, use parentheses to talk OOC (Out of Character). Please keep your OOC relevant to the roleplay, and keep it minimal if you can. Constant abuse of OOC will, if authority decides to do so, to make OOC and any attempts to get around it an instant mute for a short period of time.

    There must be a two Roleplay grace period before an RP can be repeated. For example it must be MM, a different roleplay, and a roleplay different from those two, before a MM can be done again.

    Don’t insult a roleplay because you don’t like it. Different people like different things and while you may abhor one RP, others may love it.

    No server bashing, directly or indirectly in chat.

    Don’t be rude to staff, our staff tries their best to help the room and work on a volunteer basis.

    If you see any behavior you disagree with by a staff member talk to a Room Owner or Administrator immediately.

    Any organized 'raids' are subject to being permanently banned from the room. This includes "jokes" such as entering and roleplaying off topic. Ignorance of rules is not an excuse.

    No legendary pokemon are allowed unless specifically stated at the start of the roleplay with specific approval from the Room Owners. (Note, permission lasts for only one RP). Refer to the following for the offical list: Bulbapedia’s list of Legendary Pokemon
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